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Annie and Mike McEnery moved to Africa in the eighties in search of adventure and a different type of lifestyle. Over forty years on they have traveled all over East Africa, raised five children and know every inch of Tanzania intimately. Both Mike and Annie love meeting new people. They also enjoy passing on their knowledge of the African wilderness and their love of its people to others. They decided to set up the camp site as a means to support their dream of living at the foot of the majestic Uluguru Mountains, where they can often  be found together having breakfast on the veranda putting Africa to right.


Adjoining the tented lodge is a small farm where vegetables and fruit are grown. The produce from here ends up on the dinner plate every day so freshness is guaranteed and tastiness is a given. Why not ask for a fresh coconut straight from the tree? That’s if the local owls and hornbills don’t mind Sabiti, the gardener, poking around in his trees


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